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Post Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:26 pm

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Can anyone help Chris from Germany (who was at last year's Foxfield event) - see email below. Contact Chris direct:

Hi Richard,

thanks for your invitation to Foxfield.

I think, this year I can not come to the treffen.

But maybe the club can help me in another problem. Last week I was in UK and
I buy a Lada Samara with RHD.

My Problem is, that the car got only a mirror on right side. In germany I
only can order left mirrors for LHD-Samaras.

Do you know Lada-drivers who can halp me to find a left mirror for
RHD-Samaras (its not the same!)? Is there a Lada-Drivers-Club?

see you sometimes in Foxfield,

bye Chris.
Richard Hemington
Events Officer, Wartburg Trabant IFA Club

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